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Jaclyn & Andy – Couples Photoshoot

Couples & Engagements

Frolicking through the fields will never go out of style and I love it!

When it comes to the couples photos that I take, I have a long conversation with the couple to figure out what vibe they’re going for. In the case of Jaclyn and Andy, we were friends before this photoshoot. They wanted to show their adventurous spirit, while also having lots of emotion. Location-wise, we decided to shoot in the middle of a field a couple of hours before sunset to get some photos with the perfect amount of sunlight.

Jaclyn wore black boots, black jeans, a white tank top, and a green long-sleeved shirt. Since we shot in September of 2020, the long-sleeved shirt didn’t really last for that long LOL. But, it worked out perfectly, because Andy wore some brown boots, black jeans, a white shirt, and a light green button down. THEY WERE MATCHING! 

Of course, we had to do the, “Walk away from the camera and look back” pose, but we also just played around with poses in the field and brought out a white sheet for them to sit on. These cuties were awesome in front of the camera and really trusted the process. 

Taking couples photos for Jaclyn and Andy was a beautiful time! If you’re interested in seeing my other couples and engagement photography, check out my other galleries here


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