Asia and Jonathan's Newport Beach Couples Photoshoot

Asia & Richard – Couples Photoshoot

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This golden hour Newport Beach couples photoshoot at Crystal Cove was such a fun time!! Obviously, since we were in Newport Beach, we were right off the water. Nevertheless, we found an area that gave us the romantic and natural photoshoot vibes we were going for. Our inspiration for this couples session was a field photoshoot, like the ones that you’d see in the fall season. However, we wanted to recreate that shoot here in Southern California… and in the middle of summer. 

Asia and Richard were such sweethearts and have a magical relationship. For one thing, their coordinated couple outfits. Also, they knew what to say to each other to make themselves laugh. No doubt about it, these two are #couplegoals. Personally, my favorite part was at that one point where Richard literally swept Asia off her feet 🥹 Scroll down to see it in action!

It was an absolute pleasure to handle Asia and Richard’s Newport Beach couples photoshoot. So, if you’re interested in seeing my other couples and engagement candid photography, check out my other galleries here!


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