Sofia Deeb – Lively Pacific Palisades Brand Photos


Sofia works in the online space as a freelance editor, content creator, stylist, and so much more! I was the one that reached out to her asking if she was interested in shooting some branding photography, and she said yes! We immediately clicked and are still friends today! 

Sofia wanted photos that could be repurposed across different platforms. For that reason, we decided to shoot at various locations and do a couple of different outfit changes. For instance, we shot on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with Sofia first wearing a green crop top with a pair of jeans, which she then exchanged for a flowy green floral dress. Then, we changed locations and found some gorgeous terracotta stairs to shoot in front of.  For this location, Sofia wore a fab white crop top with a wrap around skirt

Whether we were taking these branding photos facing the ocean or by some Pacific Palisades homes, we decided that we wanted the vibe to be the same: showcasing her personal style. What I love about this brand photoshoot, in particular, is that we shot this in Southern California, and even though she lives and is based out of New York City now, they still go with her brand perfectly!

Shooting Sofia’s brand photos were so much fun and we got some amazing photos! Click here to see my other brand photography work.


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