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Earlier in 2020, I took some brand photos for Niki. And now she’s back to get some more brand photos and portrait photography! I love working with Niki because she’s really such a natural in front of the camera. Also, she really matches the energy that I’m trying to show through my art. 

Originally, we were just hoping to find some hills in Orange County, when we found this amazing area. And although we were shooting locally in SoCal, we still wanted to have the feel of the autumn season. That meant that even if it was 70 degrees here, Niki came dressed as if it were 40 degrees in New England

First, Niki wore black jeans, black Doc Martens, a black turtle neck with a fluffy checkered black and white jacket, and a black hat. Then, for her second outfit, Niki wore a long white dress with a long brown coat. 

The golden hour tones + Niki’s outfit choices = *chef’s kiss*!!! The whole photoshoot felt like we were living inside Taylor Swift’s Folklore album 🫶🏼 . We got some amazing photos, but my favorite is the one of Niki laying down in her white dress!

Taking portraits of Niki was so much fun! If you’re interested in seeing my other portrait photography, check out my other galleries here!


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