Niki + Jamie – Elegant Southern California Brand Photos


Niki and Jamie’s duo branding photography was one of my earliest and an amazing experience. So, I was the one that reached out to Niki about wanting to shoot some editorial fashion photography! While we were in the planning phase, we talked about what we wanted the inspiration to be, and we landed on an editorial and powerful. 

Location-wise, we decided that we wanted to do a field photoshoot, which in 2020 was literally all over Pinterest. However, most of those Pinterest-inspired photoshoots seemed to lack the energy we wanted, so we did some workshopping and came up with powerful poses.

For example, in addition to the mandatory “run away from the camera, but look back” prompt, I had Niki and Jamie take up as much space vertically as they could. With this in mind, this led to some beautiful shots of them. Including my favorite one: Niki and Jamie holding their hands up together, facing away from the sun with some sunlight peeking through (Scroll down to the very bottom to see it!).

These two lovely ladies wore some blush colored Reformation dresses that I provided for the shoot. So, they could not have matched the scenery of the field any better! Since we shot toward the end of August 2020, the Southern California field we were in was dry and brown, which was perfect.  

Taking brand photos for Niki and Jamie was so much fun! So, if you’re interested in seeing my other brand photography, check out my other galleries here!


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