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Portrait photography is special to me because I get to capture and show the essence/personality of someone. However, this one was special because Niki and I actually met in college – we are sorority sisters 🫶🏼 . At this time, Niki was hoping to start modeling and influencing, and I wanted to start my photography career. 

So, for this shoot with Niki, I wanted to make sure I showcased a chic and effortless vibe. Obviously, I made sure to add a little sprinkle of my candid style of photography too. In terms of locations, we stopped at a couple of different places across Old Towne Orange and the Downtown Orange area.

Niki had a couple of gorgeous outfits. First, she wore a black turtle neck, blazer, and stripped pants, we played around with different poses in front of a textured building. Afterward, Niki changed into a cream crop top and beige slacks and we moved to a sun-kissed stairwell, which gave us some amazingggg shots. Finally, we moved around Old Towne Orange and took some more energetic photos in the shade with some killer windows and building amenities.  

From the photos, I think it’s a given that taking portraits of Niki was such an amazing time!! If you’re interested in seeing my other portrait photography, check out my other galleries here!


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