DESERT X – Brand Photoshoot


Desert X is a really cool non-profit that showcases art exhibits in desert habitats. Initially, this shoot was going to be a girl’s trip where we drove around Palm Springs and visited all the Desert X exhibits. So basically, this was a last-minute brand photoshoot and had a “Let’s run around the desert and have fun” sort of vibe. 

My two friends were the main focus of this photoshoot both had a couple of different outfits throughout the shoot. First, both of them wore bikinis, with cowboy boots, and there was a cowboy hat involved too. 🤠  Then, one of the ladies changed into black cutoff shorts with a black bralette, black hand gloves, and a light brown blazer on top. The other changed into a gorgeous floral pink dress. For the last outfit, both ladies changed into swimwear – one wearing a matching white and pink bikini, and the other wearing a teal one-piece. 

To summarize, this brand photoshoot for Desert X was such an amazing experience! Also, if you want to check out my other brand photography and galleries, click here!


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